Advice for Students

Here are some simple rules for keeping safe online:
  • Use websites recommended by teachers
  • Consider carefully who created a website and possible bias within the information
  • Only email people you know
  • Exercise caution before opening an email sent by someone you don't know
  • Use internet chat rooms and instant messaging with caution and know how to block and report users
  • Avoid using your real name when using games or websites on the internet (create a nick name)
  • Never give out any personal information about yourself, friends or family online including home address, phone or mobile number
  • Never email your school name or a picture in school uniform to strangers or arrange to meet someone you met online alone or without telling your parents first
  • Only use a webcam with people you know offline and trust
  • Tell an adult you trust immediately if you encounter anything you are worried about  
  • Report concerns to the Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre (CEOP)
  • Don't use websites you feel you could not tell your parents about
  • Be aware of comments you make on social networks, blogs and wikis as they can be viewed by others

Advice for Parents

At school internet access is monitored and filtered to ensure students cannot access inappropriate material, at home it is important parents also consider internet security.

Whilst many internet service providers (ISPs) offer filtering systems and tools to help you safeguard your children at home, it can still be surprisingly easy for young people to access inappropriate material. Ideally computers should be located in a family area where possible, not a bedroom, where young people can be monitored when using the internet.

It is also important that parents consider mobile phones, tablets, games consoles and other devices that can access the internet. Many mobile devices have a direct connection to the internet potentially bypassing any security software installed on a home computer or router.

For further information visit the CEOP website.

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