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MK Festival of the Arts

Pre-Prep and Prep choirs performed at the MK Arts Festival and achieved fantastic results in their classes.Congratulations to Pre-Prep who achieved a first place and Prep were awarded second place with a distinction.

Linford Lakes Nature Reserve Years 4 and 6


The Big Bang! A Teacher's View

Article by Mr Paris
Monday 20th March 2017

As part of our commitment to providing our students with real world applications of what is taught in the classroom, everyone form Year 5 to Year 8 was taken to the Big Bang exhibition at the NEC last week.

The popular view of an engineer is a man in greasy overalls carrying a wrench, but our students now know this to be anything but true.  We spoke to engineers involved with aerodynamics, aerospace, hydrodynamics, robotics, motorsport, construction, geology, microbiology, defence and human engineering.  The students got to try their hand at engineering puzzles, building circuit boards, chemical engineering and got to converse with a robot.

We learnt how digital photography works and how data is transferred and stored, how all objects respond to unique resonance frequencies and can also be destroyed by them.  We saw mathematics in action, as we learnt about the power of Pi and wondered at the laws of motion as we watched a string of beads levi…

The Big Bang! A Student's View

Article by Niamh Bewick
Monday 20th March 2017
On Thursday 16th March, year groups 5 to 8 went on an inspiring school trip to The Big Bang in Birmingham. The show focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and is designed to inspire more children to get involved in these subjects. The exhibits looked like they had taken many weeks to plan and to make!
Personally, I really thought the High Speed Two (Hs2) and Rolls Royce exhibits were very eye-opening and encouraging. The Hs2 demonstrated how all the STEM subjects can apply, and this provides lots of different career choices that are available to you. The Rolls Royce exhibit was directed towards engineering, it taught us how the engine works and how they test its reliability.
The other thing that the Big Bang had to offer was an extremely clever performance called  'Do try this at home'. It taught us, in a funny and cool way, about maths, physics, and chemistry, as well as some scientific theories.
Another bril…

Celebrating International Women's Day - Sofia Bajerova in Local Youth Elections

Today we're cheering on all the fantastic women, past, present and future, as we celebrate International Women's Day.  

We're putting the spotlight on one young lady that has been active within the youth cabinet in Milton Keynes for over three years. Sofia Bajerov is running in the local elections, and the results are to be announced in two days time on Friday 10th March 2017. 

The Webber Independent participated in voting for their choice of candidate on Monday 6th February 2017.

Commenting on running for the Youth Cabinet, Sofia Bajerov, comments:
"I’ve been an active and confident member of the Youth Cabinet for over three years, and a significant member in many campaigns and events such as the anti-bullying campaign. I know MK extremely well and have represented young people at a local and a national level.
If elected I will campaign to ensure Milton Keynes is a safe and welcoming environment for young people, and ensure that young people's voices are heard. In add…

Year 7 Breaking Barriers with Alistair Patrick-Heselton, Sky Sports and Youth Sport Trust

Today, Year 7 experienced the motivational prowess of Alistair Patrick-Heselton, Paralympic Silver Medallist.
The Living for Sport initiative, delivered through Sky Sports and in partnership with Youth Sport Trust, is designed to help young people develop valuable skills that will help them in and outside of school.
The day started with an inspiring talk about the six keys to success (featured below), where Alistair talked through the skills and behaviours that can be applied to any area of life. In this session he led a thought provoking discussion about the hows and whys, which resulted in a lively, animated and engaging debate.
The six keys to success are:
1.Mental toughness 2.Hunger to achieve 3.People skills 4.Sports and life knowledge 5.Breaking barriers 6.Planning for success
In the afternoon our students participated in interactive skills based training; they worked together to agree on how they would approach tasks, and used a combination of problem-solving, communication and people s…

The Webber Independent Netball Team Narrowly Miss Out on Nationals

On Friday 3rd March our Year 7/8 Netball team took part in the ISA London North U13 Netball Championships in Ilford. The weather conditions made play challenging and the competition was tough; our girls played strongly, winning 4 out of 5 games in their group, which took them through to the semi-finals. 

The team worked well together, showing great determination and defence skills. They played like champions, giving it their all; however, the fierce competition saw our players narrowly miss out on qualifying for the Nationals, finishing in 4th place.

We're really proud of how the team performed and we want to congratulate their efforts and skill. As a once famous actor said: We'll be back.

Well done Alison, Aaliya, Sophie, Jaanvi, Amaya, Jaydie, Sam and Elizabeth.

Photo (from left to right): Back row: Alison, Lily, Aaliya , Sophie, Jaanvi Front row: Amaya, Jaydie, Sam, Elizabeth

World Book Day - Review from Niamh Bewick

Article by Niamh Bewick
Thursday 2nd March 2017

Today lots of schools across the UK came together to celebrate a mutual love, the love of books!
In my school I saw so many amazing costumes and characters that I felt as if I was in a giant Where's Wally! I saw costumes ranging from the mad hatter to Gandalf the grey - two costumes that popped up regularly. Personally, one of the best costumes was worn by my maths teacher, the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland!
If you didn't come in a costume today you weren't left out as the primary school also had a poetry competition too.
Pupils in year 7 and 8 didn't take part in a competition but did perform their poem in front of a big audience, so well done to everyone who took part, as performing to a crowd - takes guts! Also a big congratulations to the winners of the competition:
Year1 1st Okiki 2nd Teniola and Salmanali
Year2 1st Shona 2nd Rebecca 3rd Ambika and Elliott
Year 4 1st Ayomide and Luna 2nd Daisy
Year 5 1st William 2ndAyaan 3r…

World Book Day Prep & Pre-Prep