Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Watch out Messi...Webber's Tom L is Hot on your Heels

Tuesday 19th September 2017

Roving reporter, William Rogers, Year 6 reports.

This evening saw the first Year 9 to 11 home football fixture against The Milton Keynes Academy (MKA). 

Although the final score was 11-3 to MKA, the Webber boys played extremely well against a very tall team! We created great chances but their keeper was too strong. However, the three goals that were scored by Tom Loh (2) and Kavin Muhunthan were amazing, especially Tom's goal from the half way line that went in to the top right hand corner. We have a Messi in the school! Watch out!

Kory, Ty, Aaron and Jamie showed great anticipation with their amazing through balls and tackles and not to forget our goal keeper Lionel Fraser who made some astounding saves, as well as letting in 11!

After the match Mr Small was interviewed and he said: 

"The commitment and ability to play on was absolutely outstanding. They never gave up, that's what The Webber is all about." 

When asked who stood out in the team, Mr Small said that Lionel Fraser deserved the Man of the Match.

Top goal scorer Tom Loh said: 

"It felt really good representing the school. We weren't so lucky with the score but playing as a team brought the boys closer together." 

Tom mentioned Kavin and Aaron as stand out players but I think that Tom showed great skill, awesome goals and commitment to the school.

Well done Webber!

What have you done today to make YOU feel proud?

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

National School Sports Week

National School Sports Week finished at Webber with a Home Run Derby and EYFS completing ‘Power of 3’. They used their PJ Mask superhero powers in different activities!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Prep Day of History

The Prep School this term has been studying Dinosaurs,Vikings, Victorians and World War 2. 
After a really fun filled Webber Prep Day of History dressed in their specific attire, we all came together for a 1940's tea dance.

National School Sports Week

Here are some photos from lunchtime events taking place as part of National School Sports Week. Students have so far enjoyed chip the golf ball and cross bar challenges!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Year 5 visit to the Milton Keynes Museum

The Year 5s have been studying the Victorians and today we visited the Milton Keynes Museum to experience what life was like for them.
The children experienced how different school life was in Victorian times and how strict the rules were.
They could all appreciate how much better school life was today - in particular, no canes.
They looked at the lives of both rich and poor families, which gave them a better understanding of what life was really like in the late nineteenth century.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Year 3 Trip to Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

During our trip to the Museum of Natrual History, the children were able to consolidate their knowledge of Dinosaurs and Fossils. All the children had a wonderful day discovering and exploring many 'touchable' exhibits, intriguing drawers to open and 'feely boxes' to explore.
We all had a very enjoyable day.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Webber Students Broaden their French skills at the BFI in London

Webber Students at British Film Institute

Review from Mr Stephen Johnson, Wednesday 24th May 2017
Today, we ventured out in the glorious sunshine with students from Years 5 & 6 to The British Film Institute in London.
The educational study day consisted of several French-language film screenings, with shorts in the morning and a full-length animated movie in the afternoon.
Everyone had a great time both watching the films and following up with relevant activities. Students gained a wealth of cultural and linguistic knowledge from the experience.
We even had two of our students up on the stage performing some role-plays for the entire audience.
The event was a big success, and certainly helped to increase the students' cultural awareness of the Francophone world through the medium of cinema.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Webber Sweeps Three Golds in ISA Athletic Championships

Review by Mrs K Willis, Head of P.E
On Friday 12th May, twenty eight Webber students traveled to Bedford International Athletic Stadium to compete in the London North ISA Athletic Championships.

Fortunately, the forecast rain and thunder storms held off as our students shone with their performances  Our top performers; Hugo Jackson, won gold in the 800m and placed second in the high jump, Jaydie Durnford and Irene Coronado Perez, both won gold in the 70m hurdles and 75m hurdles, respectively. In addition to our gold medallists, the following students placed third in their events; Jude Gore, Samantha Gomez, Elliot Balchin-Love and Aaliya Chaudhry. 
Congratulations on a fantastic achievement by all students, they really did The Webber Independent School proud, particularly those students who had never competed in an athletics event before.

 We will be back next year aiming for more golds! 

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Webber Girls Smashing Rounders Performance

Review by Mrs Katie Willis, Thursday 11th May 2017

The sun was shining for our Year 9 rounders tournament that took place on Thursday evening at Ousedale School. Despite being one player short, the Webber team showcased some brilliant fielding and batting skills throughout the tournament. A special mention must go to Lisa Curtin who scored a rounder on almost every bat she had, with one of her hits making it all the way to the neighbouring rounders pitch! This certainly intimidated all of our opposition and we came away winning three out of the four games we played. Well done to Lisa, Lily, Alison, Irene, Gauri, Steph, Nerea and Steph Liney, who stepped up at the last minute to help us out.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Webber Girls on a Winning Streak

Match review by Mrs Katie Willis, Tuesday 9th May 2017

On Tuesday evening Webber hosted St. Paul's for our second rounders match of the summer term. The Year 7/8 team certainly didn't disappoint. They displayed some superb fielding, managing to keep St. Paul's from scoring more than one rounder in the first innings. This put us at a huge advantage and after some fantastic hits, we were well ahead after the first innings. The girls performance was solid throughout both innings, and it was a well deserved win. Final score 24-4. Well done to Jaydie, Samantha, Sophie, Jaanvi, Aaliya, Elizabeth, Lisa, Lily and Alison.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Webber Independent Students exhibit at #MK50 Scrap Art Exhibition

Article by Ms S Anacootee
Wednesday 5th April 2017
As a school we have been using the resources of MK Play Association for many years to create exciting and inventive pieces of art work. The Webber Independent School teaches students across the whole school age range from Reception to A level so everyone has benefited from using MK Play Association’s resources in many different ways.
Reception students have used recycled objects and scrap papers to make sculptures and collages.
Key Stage 3 students have used cardboard, newspapers and scrap pieces of felt and buttons to create sculptures inspired by Piet Mondrian and Joan Miro. Bits of broken calculators and mobile phones were used to decorate a robot hand.
Key Stage 4 students’ creations include newspapers and old apple card containers transformed into a decorated face as well as a scrap brown parcel paper dress that was a GCSE examination final piece.

Key Stage 5 students are encouraged to work on various surfaces and on display is a painting produced on cardboard. 

The creative work of Amy D, Salmanali D, Samantha G, Christopher F, Tate K, Kenice C, Rachel T, Hannah M, Riya B and Lucy P is available to view at Gallery 200, 200 Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 1LT from now until 18th April 2017, open 9am to 3pm.

Friday, 24 March 2017

MK Festival of the Arts

Pre-Prep and Prep choirs performed at the MK Arts Festival and achieved fantastic results in their classes.
Congratulations to Pre-Prep who achieved a first place and Prep were awarded second place with a distinction.

Monday, 20 March 2017

The Big Bang! A Teacher's View

Article by Mr Paris
Monday 20th March 2017

As part of our commitment to providing our students with real world applications of what is taught in the classroom, everyone form Year 5 to Year 8 was taken to the Big Bang exhibition at the NEC last week.

The popular view of an engineer is a man in greasy overalls carrying a wrench, but our students now know this to be anything but true.  We spoke to engineers involved with aerodynamics, aerospace, hydrodynamics, robotics, motorsport, construction, geology, microbiology, defence and human engineering.  The students got to try their hand at engineering puzzles, building circuit boards, chemical engineering and got to converse with a robot.

We learnt how digital photography works and how data is transferred and stored, how all objects respond to unique resonance frequencies and can also be destroyed by them.  We saw mathematics in action, as we learnt about the power of Pi and wondered at the laws of motion as we watched a string of beads levitating as they tumbled out of container.  The students gasped as we learnt about the natural phenomenon of a fire tornado which turned a small waste paper bin fire into a three metre high inferno.

Just the day required to inspire the innovators of the future!

The Big Bang! A Student's View

Article by Niamh Bewick
Monday 20th March 2017

On Thursday 16th March, year groups 5 to 8 went on an inspiring school trip to The Big Bang in Birmingham. The show focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and is designed to inspire more children to get involved in these subjects. The exhibits looked like they had taken many weeks to plan and to make!

Personally, I really thought the High Speed Two (Hs2) and Rolls Royce exhibits were very eye-opening and encouraging. The Hs2 demonstrated how all the STEM subjects can apply, and this provides lots of different career choices that are available to you. The Rolls Royce exhibit was directed towards engineering, it taught us how the engine works and how they test its reliability.

The other thing that the Big Bang had to offer was an extremely clever performance called  'Do try this at home'. It taught us, in a funny and cool way, about maths, physics, and chemistry, as well as some scientific theories.

Another brilliant thing about our trip was that lots of exhibitors had quizzes that you could take to determine what kind of career you might be suited to in the future, depending on the type of personality you have and the kind of activities you enjoy the most.

Overall this trip was very, very inspirational, and it gave me ideas for what I want to do when I'm older. I highly recommend this to anybody who is thinking of attending next year, it's great fun and a good experience. 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Celebrating International Women's Day - Sofia Bajerova in Local Youth Elections

Today we're cheering on all the fantastic women, past, present and future, as we celebrate International Women's Day.  

We're putting the spotlight on one young lady that has been active within the youth cabinet in Milton Keynes for over three years. Sofia Bajerov is running in the local elections, and the results are to be announced in two days time on Friday 10th March 2017. 

The Webber Independent participated in voting for their choice of candidate on Monday 6th February 2017.

Commenting on running for the Youth Cabinet, Sofia Bajerov, comments:

"I’ve been an active and confident member of the Youth Cabinet for over three years, and a significant member in many campaigns and events such as the anti-bullying campaign. I know MK extremely well and have represented young people at a local and a national level.

If elected I will campaign to ensure Milton Keynes is a safe and welcoming environment for young people, and ensure that young people's voices are heard. In addition, I will improve intergenerational links with local businesses and organisations to create an environment for young people to be understood and included in decisions."

We are all routing for Sofia and look forward to the outcome of the results.

We have many inspirational young men and women at our school and we can't wait to see how they help shape the future #BeBoldForChange

We would love to hear about your inspirational stories - please feel free to share your stories in the comments.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Year 7 Breaking Barriers with Alistair Patrick-Heselton, Sky Sports and Youth Sport Trust

Today, Year 7 experienced the motivational prowess of Alistair Patrick-Heselton, Paralympic Silver Medallist.

The Living for Sport initiative, delivered through Sky Sports and in partnership with Youth Sport Trust, is designed to help young people develop valuable skills that will help them in and outside of school.

The day started with an inspiring talk about the six keys to success (featured below), where Alistair talked through the skills and behaviours that can be applied to any area of life. In this session he led a thought provoking discussion about the hows and whys, which resulted in a lively, animated and engaging debate.

1.      Mental toughness
2.      Hunger to achieve
3.      People skills
4.      Sports and life knowledge
5.      Breaking barriers
6.      Planning for success

In the afternoon our students participated in interactive skills based training; they worked together to agree on how they would approach tasks, and used a combination of problem-solving, communication and people skills - focused on the success of their shared goals. This presented interesting thoughts and interaction as well as frustrations and challenges, teaching them the power of embracing different perspectives and the importance of teamwork. Tasks were time limited to enhance the learning outcomes, create intensity and encourage speedy decision-making.

We asked our students what they gained from the day, here's what they said.

What's your most important piece of information you'll take with you today:
‘It’s always good to plan and never give up’ Sam G
‘It's good to communicate with your team’ Elizabeth B
‘Always listen to what others have to say’ Amaya S
‘Be confident in yourself’ Jaanvi K

How would you describe today:
‘It was a fun, active day’ Sophie S

What was your favourite part of the day:
‘The zombie game was fun because we learned to work together and plan’ Ruby R

Alistair Patrick-Heselton describes what it was like working with our students: 
'I’m always enthusiastic to work with The Webber Independent, it’s a great school and the groups are very diverse and excellent to work with. I’m amazed at the difference in perspectives but the students always come together to work towards one common goal.’

It was a brilliant day, and we were honoured to have such an inspiring role model share his time with us.

For further information on the Living for Sport initiative, please visit https://livingforsport.skysports.com/ 

For background information on Alistair and why he became a mentor, please visit https://livingforsport.skysports.com/mentors/alistair-patrick-heselton

To find out more on all initiatives supported by the Youth Sport Trust, please visit https://www.youthsporttrust.org/