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Years 1 and 2 go Shopping for Spanish Food

Years 1 and 2 have been having great fun recently pretending to go food shopping. We made videos of some of their role-plays in the Drama Studio!

Poetry Success

A poem is just the beginning…….
We entered a number of students from Year 9 into the Young Writers’ latest competition, The Poetry Trials. This nationwide challenge gave students the opportunity to pen a poem in either a restrictive poetic technique or a poetic style of their choice. 
Three of Webber’s students, Devon Watson, Ella Neate and Rhys Fourie rose to the challenge and displayed their poetic flair and now have their poems published in The Poetry Trials – Southern England Anthology.
Poems were chosen for publication based upon style, expression, imagination and technical skill. The result is an entertaining collection full of diverse and imaginative poetry. We hope this success will inspire them to continue with their creative writing. Well done to the budding poets.