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Year in Review 2015/16


Year 5 and Year 6 - El Tiempo (Spanish Weather Forecast)

Year 5 and Year 6 have been learning about the weather in Spanish. Here is a selection of a few of their weather forecast videos from Jack Jones, Amaya Sokhi, Elizabeth Barnfather and Christopher Ford.

Class Swap Day

This week children in the Pre-Prep and Prep have enjoyed class swap and transition days. This was a great opportunity for the children to meet their new teachers and for children joining Webber in September to meet their classmates.
In Mr Jeacock's Year 4 lesson the children created their own runes of their name as part of the History topic 'Anglo Saxons, Romans and Vikings'.

Chemistry at Work

Year 8 Science and Year 9 Chemistry students recently attended a Chemistry at Work workshop at the Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre. They saw eight different demonstrations, including experiments with oxygen and how snails, slugs and worms use chemistry to live. The students also learnt about how chemistry is used in the cosmetics industry and much more. The trip showed them how Chemistry is used in the ‘real world’ and that it isn’t just a subject you learn about in school. The students thoroughly enjoyed the trip and hope to go back to the Discovery Centre again next year.

United Colours of Webber

This week Pre-Prep have been celebrating their International Week, this has involved:
Celebrating our place as World CitizensHighlighting our rich international variety of languages and cultures during this cross-curricular week of learning and celebrationRecognising that we are all unique and special but that we are also all the sameBeing adventurous and trying some new and delicious foods by sampling and eating their way across continents and around the world on a plateParade of Nations in international dressStudents presenting their home learning research projects to each otherGuest presenters with staff and parents sharing their experiences of travel and living in many countriesSharing and enjoying international music and danceParental engagement session with two of our Japanese mums demonstrating and teaching students the intricate Japanese art of origami paper folding