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Nepal Tuck Shop

This week, our Year 3 and 4 students organised and ran their own tuck shop to raise funds for Water Aid’s Nepal appeal.

As part of their IPC topic, ‘On Tap’, the Year 3s and 4s had been learning about how some people around the world do not have access to clean water. They had been considering how to help to improve the lives of people in poorer countries. In light of the recent earthquakes in Nepal, they decided to help to raise funds for the Nepalese people to have access to clean, safe drinking water.
The children planned, advertised and ran their own tuck shop, all the while showing great empathy for the people of Nepal. They brought in food, drink and stationery donations to sell and encouraged students across the school to bring in money to spend.
The children took their roles as ‘shop sellers’ seriously. They all demonstrated enthusiasm and a responsible attitude. We were very busy at times and the children coped extremely well under the pressure to sell, count coins and calcu…

RHS Budding Gardeners Competition 2015

Yesterday our Key Stage 2 gardeners visited RHS Wisley to take part in the Budding Gardeners Competition. We took with us a selection of plants our own budding young gardeners have been growing at school and also various props to complement our 'Alice in Wonderland' theme. There was plenty to do once we arrived at RHS Wisley and the students worked enthusiastically to construct our mini show garden. Our 'Webber Wonderland' garden will be on display throughout May half term week at RHS Wisley.

Hunt on for Dark Matter

What is dark matter? In space where there is nothing visible there is a source of gravity. Scientists call it dark matter. It is the theory that there is matter there it is just invisible and nearly undetectable.
How much is there? A billion sub-atomic particles of dark matter pass through your outstretched hand every second, in fact 95% of the universe is dark matter/energy. Also as the universe expands so does dark matter.

How can you find it? In Canada the biggest dark matter detector is currently being built in search of the Anti Social WIMPs (weakly interacting massive particles) Dark Matter. DEAP ( Dark matter Experiment using Argon Pulse-shape discrimination) is on the hunt for these WIMPs using the nuclei of argon atoms to collide into suspected dark matter. On the other side of the world , France and Switzerland, they are using the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) in CERN ( Counseil EuropĂ©en pour la Recherche NuclĂ©arire) to do the same thing as DEAP. However, there is another techni…

Derbyshire Expedition Photos

Here are some great photos taken by Daniel Katechia on a recent DofE expedition to Derbyshire.

We are having another Bag 2 School Collection on Wednesday 3rd June

Please remember to bring to school your 'Bag 2 School' bag filled with:
Good quality Adults' and Children's ClothingPaired shoes (tied together)Handbags, bagsHatsScarves and tiesBeltsSoft toys  by 3rd June.

Thank you for your support!

New DofE Notice Board

Next time you're passing by the Drama Studio look out for the new Duke of Edinburgh's Award notice board!

New House Notice Boards

Next time you're passing by the Drama Studio look out for the new Oak and Cedar notice boards!

The Importance of Being Earnest

Last week, one of our teachers at WIS starred in an Oscar Wilde play - The Importance of Being Earnest. A production by Wootton Country Players, our very own Mr Johnson performed in the role of John Worthing, a witty, upper-class Victorian.
The play, greatly humorous and cleverly written, was entertainingly performed. The costumes were well suited to the Victorian era, and the set was inventive; although only an amateur production, everything was of a high quality.

A ‘Trivial Comedy for Serious People’, Mr Johnson performed his role with utter professionalism and succeeded in making the whole audience laugh, from the youngest children to the most mature spectators. We certainly found him to be an immensely amusing character.
As two students who have read and appreciated the text, we thoroughly enjoyed this theatrical production of the play. It was highly useful in bringing the characters to life and gaining a better understanding of their deeper personalities.
We hope to see you all …