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Webber's Roman Feast

Year 7 enjoyed a Roman feast in History this afternoon. There were a selection of foods on offer that would have been enjoyed by ancient Romans including olives, dates and honey among other things. We had to substitute garum (a sauce made from fermented fish guts) with the modern equivalent of Worchester sauce!

Senior and Year 10 Girls Tennis Tournament at Stantonbury – 6th May 2014

The girls played in our first tennis match of the season at Stantonbury Campus on Tuesday 6th May.
In glorious sunshine the senior girls’ team of Alice Bailey and Penny Dunn made an impressive start winning 3 sets to love against Walton High and gaining first place.
In the year 10 team, consisting of Patricia Sampedro, Katie Haines and Pia Jackson, they had a mixed set of results, a win, a loss and a draw, gaining them third place overall.
Well done to all the girls who showed great enthusiasm throughout their games.