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Google Maps Gallery

This new display in the Geography room showcases digital maps created by students in the senior school. There are maps about various topics studied so far this year. The maps include a Year 11 student's plans to redevelop an island following a volcanic eruption and research by Year 9 students into the global distribution of billionaires.

New Posts at the MFL Blog

As part of her AS course, Alice has learnt how to give instructions on a recipe on her Health and Fitness topic. Please enjoy!

Success at the ISA Art Competition

Congratulations to A Level Art student, Tesni Williams who represented WIS at the recent Independent Schools Association Art Competition Final in Stratford Upon Avon. Tesni won first prize for her AS Level examination sketchbook in the Eastern Region heat and went on to gain second place in the sketchbook category in the final. Well done Tesni. We look forward to having some more WIS winners in next year's competition.

Lean Machines

Following on from the Energy Talk by Mr Chinn a few weeks ago, some students may be interested in playing the following interactive game. click on the links below:

Topic 17 - Lean Machines

Identify key features of a production line process and consider how it can be made more effective using a simulated process to reflect on the concept of 'Just in Time manufacturing' and 'Lean manufacturing'.

Link to interactiveView Lean Machines 'How to Play' video

Around the World in Seven Continents

This year's quiz is on-line! Click the link below and take our seven continents challenge:

Take the quiz!
You'll notice that a few of the questions are about objects, these can be found in room 5.

Mi Instituto

The Year 9s are learning about the school in Spanish lessons. They have prepared presentations to explain about Webber and some of them are now on the MFL blog. Daniel Katechia and Rachel Tsiu came to visit the Year 7s to give them their presentation since the Year 7s are learning about school too. Some Year 7s were surprised to see how much Spanish they can learn in such a short time. Not to forget that Rachel and Sabeeh only started learning Spanish last year. They deserve to be congratulated.