Strategic Play Delivers Win for The Webber Independent School Rounders Team

Match Review by Mrs K Willis, Tuesday 15th May 2018
Our Year 8/9 rounders team took part in an away match on Tuesday evening against Walton High and Denbigh in triangular rounders.

The sun was shining, which put the girls in good spirits, and Lisa scored a rounder in the first bat of the game against Walton High. The team showed confidence and displayed some amazing batting skills, scoring seven rounders in the first innings! The girl's fielding was strong, which prevented Walton High from scoring more than two and a half rounders. 

Our second game was against Denbigh, and although our batting was not quite as strong, the girls made up for it during fielding and managed to get six players out, showcasing some fantastic tactics and teamwork. They managed to secure a two rounders win and were crowned overall champions.

Fantastic play girls! Well done to Lily, Lisa, Kimberley, Hannah, Sophie, Samantha, Jaydie, Jaanvi, Elizabeth and Amaya.

Webber's Basketball Team Win 33 to 22 over Sir Herbert Leon

Review by Mr Andrew Small
Year 10 and 11 Basketball vs Sir Herbert Leon School.
On Tuesday 17th April the Year 10 and 11 basketball team played their final match of the MK schools season. The team were in high spirits, following winning their last three games, as they made their way across the city to take on the formidable Sir Herbert Leon team.
The first quarter started brightly for the Webber team with Thomas Loh and Benjamin Giddings dominating the scoring. Webber pushed out to a 10-3 lead at the end of the first quarter and moved the ball around the court well, which created some fantastic chances.
Sir Herbert Leon started the second quarter a lot stronger, they defended passing lanes well and also rebounded any missed shots from Webber. Sulyamaan Ahmed and Aaron Onginjo battled well in defence and created several turnovers and opportunities to score. The quarter finished with the Webber maintaining a 16-6 lead.
The third quarter was Sir Herbert Leon’s strongest, with a 6 point run on…

Webber Netball Team End Season On A High With Another Win

Match Review by Mrs K Willis

Tonight our undefeated netball team played against St. Paul’s in a nail biting match that challenged the team to really pull together, focusing on their skill, ball control and tactics, to secure goals. 

After the first half the girls were 2-0 up and entered the third quarter a stronger and more confident team. There were some fantastic interceptions and pressure from Lucie and Jaanvi playing in defence to prevent St. Paul’s shooters from scoring. In the centre third, Vanessa, Jaydie, Amaya and Elizabeth showed great strategic play, creating spaces and marking their opponents tightly, regaining possession on numerous occasions. Sam and Sophie, as always, scored some outstanding goals, which led us to a 5-0 win! 

A great season girls! Well done to all the students who have played in the U14 team throughout the year, namely: Jaydie, Samantha, Sophie, Jaanvi, Lily, Lucie, Amaya and Elizabeth, you have all worked so hard and I’m proud to have such a lovely team t…

Webber Superstars Jam it out with Cadbury's Gorilla

Trip Review by Mrs Jennifer Tompkins
Monday 20th November 2017

The Year 10, 11, 12, and 13 Business students (as well as Year 9 students who are interested in taking Business as a GCSE next year) went on a trip to Cadbury’s World on Monday 20th November, and had a fantastic time! They enjoyed touring the site and hearing about the history of the firm and its origins. They were handed free samples of yummy chocolate but still managed to purchase more goodies in the on-site shop – who can resist half price chocolate? With Christmas presents purchased, they headed to a talk which focused on the Business side of chocolate. The talk provided a fantastic insight into the marketing, production, and the human resources activities of Cadbury’s. The speaker, Colin, tested some of the students’ Business knowledge. I'm proud to say they were able to answer every question correctly, with the added pressure with me watching closely. On the way home the students were buzzing and quite jovial, ente…

The Unity Tower of Webber Independent. All Different - All Equal.

Report by Samantha Gomez and Amaya Sokhi (Year 8)
Monday 20th November 2017
This year our Anti-Bullying theme was ‘All Different, All Equal!’

We believe that everyone should be treated fairly, and this year we, as a school, want to celebrate our differences.

Each year, all students from ages 4 – 18 read and sign the Webber Independent School Anti-Bullying Pledge, and are given a safeguarding leaflet. These are kept in student’s planner / homework diary, so everyone can understand the policies.

In PSCHE lessons, we have been discussing how to prevent bullying, including these 10 key principles:

Listening – All pupils, teachers and parents listen, to prevent, report and respond to any incidents of bullying.Include Everyone – All pupils are included and valued in all aspects of school life.Respect – All teachers and pupils are role models to others.Challenge – All pupils should stand up for themselves and others.Celebrating Differences – Differences are celebrated and welcomed across the whole…

No Stopping the Winning Streak of the U14 Netball Team. 17-6 win against Radcliffe

Match Review by Mrs K Willis 
Thursday 23rd November 2017

On Thursday 23rd November, the U14 Netball team played in their last league game of the term against Radcliffe. It was a nail biting start with Webber scoring the first goal and Radcliffe responding immediately. Webber scored again, as did Radcliffe and the first quarter finished 3-2 to us. After a brief team talk, Webber went into the second quarter with their fighting spirit and stepped up their game play. Determination and competitiveness shone through and some fantastic interceptions in the centre third enabled us to secure four more goals. Radcliffe also fought hard and managed to score 2 more goals taking the score to 7-4. It was our toughest game yet and Webber responded to the pressure admirably, never giving up and rising to the challenge. The team played some incredible netball in the third quarter, with our star shooters on top form yet again. Our defending was also strong and we prevented Radcliffe from scoring, which …